P a l p a t i n e


10.2018  |  open call Fabcare, Polifactory  |  made together with Benedetta Beltrami, Chiara Parise, Daniel Sanchez and Luca Sommariva

Palpatine is open source bra that looks forward to create new habits and awareness in young women about breast self-examination and change the stressful perception that it has.

Palpatine is designed to grow and reshape with you, made by laser cutting technique it uses an auxetic structure to fit into different sizes and cups. The only way to better understand our own female health is to touch, feel and examine; to be able to experience our own bodies because no one knows you, better than yourself.

Exhibited at:
Rome Maker Faire, 12-13.10.2018
Bilbao Maker Faire, 26-28.10.2018
Design Collision in Milan, 08-14.04.2019
Copenaghen Maker Festival, 23-29.06.2019

Nominated to INDEX: Design to Improve Life award
Interview for Distributed Design Market Platform, Europe
Article on Deia Newspaper, Spain
Article on El correo Newspaper, Spain

Palpatine is not a medical device but rather a helper to perform a better self exam and instill a practice in self examination.
To better perform the self examination we believed that the cuts in the bra where not sufficient, hence we incorporated a set of instructions inside of the bra to better guide the user through the exam. We chose a bra because we see it is an item of daily use and it has become a certain basic essential in the life of everyday women, no matter sex, age or size.

Palpatine is an open source project, feel free to click download and get the files for free to produce your own Palpatine!

Your boobs change every day, touch them!

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