H O M i


11.2018 | made together with Benedetta Beltrami | Nominated for Adi Index 2019  

HOMi is a digital caregiver that mainly support patients during medium-long therapies by motivating and storing different medicines. It memorizes and dispenses medicines in the right moment during the days.


A shared opinion is the aversion to pill-containers, both those reusable and difficult to open, and those in blisters, especially for those with manual difficulties to handle such small objects.
Find a link between a domestic assistant and the daily wellbeing that can help us in the storage of different medicines, vitamins and supplements and pushing the user under therapy to follow his own care since doing it becomes easier and more pleasant.
Designed for a wide target of users and therefore versatile to different types of needs.


The possibility to memorize therapies and dispense them in the right moments makes it a strategic device for those forced into the day to take many medicines.
It is also designed for those who want to keep their own larder in order or simply for those who want to use HOMi as their advisor. Thanks to the reading of the boxes of medicines HOMi stores what you have taken and at your request is able to advise you what is best to take in case you do not feel fit.


The users – caregiver and patient – and HOMi interact vocally and through the screen. HOMi drives the caregiver during the refill and setting phases and during the collection of medicines to be included in the pantry. Through the voice it advises the patient when is the moment to take the medicine. It works as an home assistant: it recognises the patient’s voice and converses with him/her every time there is a necessity.


Through an app the caregivers, family or health assistance, can supervise the whole process remotely. In case the user needs to leave the house it is possible to detach a small device positioned on the back that can be used outside to continue the therapy. With the app is possible to configure the device remotely, track daily actions, receive notifications outside the home and contact third parties.