H a n g l e


11.2017  |  made together with Andrea Belotti, Benedetta Beltrami and Laura Pellegrino | in collaboration with Rotho

Hangle is a lunch box that rethinks interaction and affordance for people always in movement and without support surface to eat.

The main focus is to rethink the shape in order to create a better experience of eating in not comfortable or not static occasions.


The company asked us to rethink their lunch boxes for a millenials users. They are particular users, always in movement, with strong desire for custamization and with special attention for new products. Important was be able to design something new but that could fit with their existing collection.


The interactive innovation consists in a new idea of hold the lunch box thanks to its shape: the rounded edge, helped by a grip, lays easly on the palm and granting a firm grip; the food box
is asymmetric in order to facilitate and stimulate the user eating from the lower side.

The lunch box can be opened easily through pressure and the rubber element on the lid can be removed in order to heat the food in the microwave without removing the whole lid.

Our main goal was design something that allow people to eat standing up, moving or without support.

The focus was mainly on the shape and how it behaves with the different size of hand, without forgetting all the implication of eating with holding the lunch box.

Its cut shape draws a unique pattern when stored on shelves.

The company appreciated this feature since Hangle is easy to be noticed between others lunch boxes and once the users see it, their able to recognise it.