E n t o l i c i o u s

04.2018 |  made together with Benedetta Beltrami, Luisa Cavallaro, Federico Chiusaroli, Martina Curcio and Moa Bey

Entolicious is set of edible product-system for the consumption of insects.

Involving users with a texture experience to gradually introduce them to a new novel food scenario.

Entolicious aims to explore a future food scenario and to create an experience that can raise awareness of the consumption of insects.
Start from january 2018 in Italy became legal consume and sell some species of insects, trying to overcome the cultural barrier against this novel food.
Understanding that the aesthetic aspect is the main factor that prevents consumers from approaching them, it was fundamental to work on it and less extreme and more friendly tasting experience.


To create the best sensory experience that emphasizes the taste of the insect we have designed textures according to the different categories of insects. In this way is possible intensify the experience by using sight, touch and taste. Mixing insects with other ingredients help consumers to have a soft approach to them, helped also by colors and curious shapes.

Insects are excellent substitutes of meats since those are an high protein source and their environmental impact is lower.

In the whole world there are 1400 edible species of insects and those are consumed by 2 billion people. The advantages in the consumption, for environment and for people, are several in terms of saving resources and changing to a healthier lifestyle.

Designed to be a complement of the diet and not as main dish, each product is made of 20% insect mixed with different ingredients to obtain three different tastes:
squid ink with sugar and sesame, spirulina with lemon and salt, turmeric with chia seeds.