E c c e n t r i c o

01.2018  |  made together with Benedetta Beltrami, Luisa Cavallaro and Laura Pellegrino | in collaboration with Oppein 

Eccentrico is a ricebox with a silo system of storage that allow to lift up the rice from the lower part, creating a better experience for the user both in the refill and withdrawal phases.


Reinventing the ricebox for preserving and portioning rice in line with the modular and practical kitchen context suitable for Oppein kitchen design.
The ricebox is used at least three times a day, is an object of great utility and practicality which addresses the middle-upper Chinese market.
Among the characteristics we have set to respect there are: functionality, practicality, cleaning, formal minimalism and preservation of other several cereals and condiments.


The main goal, in terms of interaction is do not let the user lower during the refill and withdrawal phases. This part of the usage was the most critical and it has been replaced with a silo system that rises the rice from bottom upwards by turning a handle on the top of the ricebox. In this way all the main interaction – refill, actioning and withdrawal – are focused in the upper part, making the experience more enjoyable.

Weakness of the original design

The current design was not appealing and there was not the possibility to add a second cereal. The user had to lower to extract the rice located at the bottom and the presence of three touch points made the interaction quite intricate. Other weakness were the presence of empty space and the impossibility to see the rice inside.

Added values