A r i a


07.2019 – ongoing  Frase  |  made together with Seppe Van Heusden | Exhibited at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020

Aria is a flexible battery-powered luminaire that can be used in two different configurations, standing and balancing.
The word Aria refers to the term used for a solo piece in opera music: it is often light in character and independent of the rest.


In the home, rooms and furniture are used flexibly for different activities. Even though our behaviour in the kitchen + living room has changed drastically, light is still very traditional and not flexible like the usage of the room. The goal was design a situationally flexible portable luminaire using a single LED.



Interactions are simple, meaningful and can be done with one hand, making it near effortless to move the light with you to any place you need it. The key point in the movability is to be able to switch configurations of the lamp using only one hand, that was achieved by making the lamp really light thanks to the 10 mm diameter pipe.


After choosing the direction we started experimenting with rough prototipes in plastic and wood to test ours ideas.  The main challenge was to achive the right balance between weight and complexity of the movable parts in order to be able to prototype a functional luminaire later.


The final prototype is made of aluminium, that ensures extreme lightness to the whole lamp. It has been produce with a combiantion of different manufacturing techinique: cnc milling, cnc lathe, manual milling and bending. To achive an high quality protoype and increase the durability the all parts has been anodised.



The main complexity was how to ensure the base to slide up and down, and consequently how to encase a battery, a driver and other components.


To justify the use of a battery, there had to be a reason to move the lamp. The two different  configurations, standing and balancing, provide the possibility for the lamp to be used in a large variety of places. This lightness of the lamp is consolidated with the minimalist steel shape and components, which allows it to fit in many contexts, environments and actions.